Here you will find the write up of the previous Dublin Lion football games! Enjoy! 

Dublin 0 Breckenridge 15
To say that Dublin played its best game of the year would be an understatement, even in defeat. The boys showed tremendous heart against a very tough team. Breckenridge got all they could handle from the lions this past Friday. Tied 0-0 at half you could not help the tremendous strides this team has made just made in the past year. This game last year was 42-0 at half. My how things have changed.  
Dublin held one of the top offenses in the district just to 15 points. That same Breckenridge team scored 35 in the previous game against Merkel. Dublin and the Bucks would trade offensive possessions in the first half with no one scoring. Much less putting together much offense. The Bucks would score however on a play action pass from QB #7 to TE #5 in the 3rd quarter. Dublin would have long sustaining drives that would eventually end up in the red zone but Dublin never could capitalize. Breckenridge would tally one more to seal the win and the 3rd playoff spot. 

Dublin 21 Jim Ned 31
Jim Ned and Dublin would both punt on its opening dirve. Jim Ned would strike first but Dublin responded with a score of their own. Holleman found Jimmy Aguilar for a 12 yard strike. Jim Ned scored on its next possession and the score would be 14-7 at half. Holleman would find Rudy Rodriguez over the middle for a 58 yard strike. JNHS would return the kickoff for a TD. JNHS would add a late FG in the 4th. Dublin was not through, by a long shot. Dublin's next possession would be a doozy. Blazie took the snap under center and bounce passed the ball to DeVries. The Lions wanted it to look like the pass was incomplete. Instead it was a lateral. DeVries would pull up and fire the ball to a open Zoey Kendall running down the sideline for the TD. That would be the last score for Dublin. JNHS added a late TD to seal the win.

Dublin 13 Eastland 58
Dublin hung tough with eventual District Champ Eastland for a half. Eastland took its opening drive down for a score but Dublin would answer with a field goal making the score 6-3. Eastland then would make the socre 28-3. Dublin would not go down without a fight. Dublin would force a fumble and score on its next possession with a strike from Holleman to Zoey Kendall. The score would be 28-10. The Lions would kick off and Eastland would fumble the kick and Dublin would get back on the football. Dublin would settle again for a FG making the score 28-13. That is the closest the score would get as Eastland would roll in the second half. But it showed that these young lions could hang with a tough opponent. 

Dublin could not cash in on the opportunities in the first half. Dublin made key stops in the first half to try to get the ole mo to swing towards Dublin but it never happened. The Lions had other chances to put some points on the board but we just fell short. 

DUBLIN 0 Comanche 21
The Indians and Lions were in a close battle all night long. The Indians would score with a long drive on a play action pass to the tight end. Comanche would also find the endzone with under a 30 seconds left in the 1st half. The Indians would tally one more making the score 21-0. The Lions missed out on several opportunities in this ball game. The Lions need to build off the loss because the district does not get any easier and I know that the boys will respond in a positive way! 

DUBLIN 12 Valley Mills 14
Dublin would face off against a tough opponent in the Eagles from Valley Mills. Dublin would fumble on its first possession of the game and that would lead to a Valley Mills Touchdown. VM also went for 2 and were successful. Dublin would get the next possession and Clay Francis would hit Dirk DeVries on a swing pass and Dirk would take it the distance from 55 yards out. The Lions 2 pt attempt would fail and the halftime score would be 8-6 in favor of Valley Mills. The two teams would trade punches but not one would give in. That is until Francis scrambled and hit a streaking Travis Blazie up the sideline from 70 yards out giving the Lions the lead. 12-7. The Lions 2 point attempt would fail again and the score would remain the same. Valley Mills would make one final push to the end zone and the Eagles would score the go ahead TD and inevitably, the game. The Lions will welcome the Indians from Comanche in 2 weeks for the 21 MILE BATTLE. GO LIONS!   

What can you say after a homecoming win like that! FYI, Dublin has won the last 3 of 4 homecoming games dating back to Valley Mills in 2009. Dublin has now won 2 games in a row which has not happened since 2006 and the first multi-win season since 2008. 
Santo came out and was as big as advertised. This was Santo's best team since their Quarter Final run in 1994, according to their coach. Both teams would go scoreless in the first but Santo would run a sweep play to their bruising running back on the first play of the second and score from 3 yards out. Santo would take a 7-0 halftime lead. Dublin made the adjustments and took the opening drive of the second half and Clay Francis would hit Jimmy Aguilar for a 4 yard touchdown pass. That made the score 7-6. Dublin would line up in the swinging gate and Travis Blazie would flip the ball to Dirk DeVries and he would fly over the line for 2 points.
It would be a defensive struggle from then on. In the 4th Dublin had Santo pinned deep in their territory. Santo ran a dive option play that took to long to develop and Dirk DeVries would hit the pitch man causing him to fumble into the endzone and causing a safety. Making the score 10-7. Dublin would hold on defense and Dublin would seal the win with a 5 yard first down run from Dirk DeVries. Bring on the Eagles!

The Lions ended their 7 game losing streak this past Friday against Millsap! It was only a matter of time before the Dublin Lions would find their rhythm, Clay Francis hit Josh Stone and Travis Blazie and Dirk DeVries hit Travis Blazie for another score. Not only did the Lions win big they shut out their opponent. Bring on the Wildcats!

WOW. What a turnaround from just a year ago. Dublin was down 42-0 to Hico in 2011. The Lions and Tigers were tied 7-7 going into half time in 2012. Dublin played sound defense throughout the entire game and if Dublin could connect on some their passes the outcome would have been much different, but it was not. Dublin will try to capitalize on its miscues against Millsap this week.

Dublin vs. Tolar (Scrimmage)
Dublin drove to Tolar this past Friday to match up against the Tolar Rattlers. Dublin would drive the field with QB Holleman. Holleman would find WR's Dirk DeVries and Travis Balzie. Ultimately finding Blazie over the middle to make the "Half" scrimmage 14-6. Dublin would hold Tolar to only 2 scores, both coming in the "half" scrimmage.

Dublin vs Venus (Scrimmage)

Dublin faced Venus, a 3A team, at Memorial Stadium for a scrimmage. The Lions would move the ball consistently against the Venus Bulldogs but could never find the endzone. The defense rose to the challenge with only giving up 1 score the Bulldogs. Venus will compete with power Stephenville and State Finalist, Alvarado in district play.

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